LCD screen repair

Kevin Parker trash80 at
Sun Nov 22 15:42:18 CST 2020

Thank you - the idea of replacing the actual screen did not occur to me but
it's interesting that you might be able to do that.

By repair I meant repair the surface as the underlying pixels appear to be
OK. I have read a few articles on different methods and some crowds even
tout a kit to do it - is this snake oil or does it really work. I'd
certainly be grateful for any advice from anyone who may have effected a
surface repair.

Thank you again!!!

Kevin Parker

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Whilst i have no experience replacing Apple G4 displays, LCD replacement in
general is fairly easy. For starters, you're 100% going to need a new panel,
preferably a like-for-like, though it's entirely possible you could stick in
a different model if it's using LVDS connections inside.
It's just a case of disassembling, swapping the screen, and reassembling in
the reverse order.
To be honest, it's probably cheaper just to buy a complete display, instead
of replacing the LCD screen. There won't be much price difference between
the LCD panel and a complete display.


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