DEC PDP-8/E wanted

Tom Uban tom at
Fri Nov 20 12:08:23 CST 2020

For those interested in a PDP-8 system but don't want the large size/weight and
maintenance issues, I built the full set of Spare Time Gizmos SBC6120 (integrated
PDP-8), FP6120 (front panel for SBC6120) and IOB6120 (Jim Kearney's multi-function
companion board) a number of years ago and would be willing to part with them
for a reasonable offer. Here are related links:


On 11/20/20 10:55 AM, ED SHARPE via cctalk wrote:
> Go for a 8m or f  same omnibus and easer to lift as only onevnibuss panel!  - 
> On Friday, November 20, 2020 John H. Reinhardt via cctalk <johnhreinhardt at; cctalk at> wrote:
> On 11/20/2020 8:01 AM, Tom Hunter via cctalk wrote:
>> I know it is the year 2020 but nevertheless what are my chances of finding
>> a complete and repairable DEC PDP-8/E or as a second choice a PDP-8/I ?
>> Is there any hope or should I be just content with my SIMH based PiDP-8/I?
>> Thanks
>> Tom Hunter
> Funny you should mention...
> There is a guy in Endicott, NY with a PDP-8/E possibly looking for a new home.  Posted a couple days ago on the VCF DEC Forum
> <>
>> Circumstances require selling off some or all the DECs [ will still have some DGs to play with ].
>> One can often get a general idea of value based on prior open market (like eBay) sales but not
>> enough comparables out there, so would like to get a ball-park idea.
>> Prefer to see them stay within VCF but because of the amount previously invested I'm not able to "give it away"
>> at hobby prices as I would like in an ideal world. Everything is good shape and complete, but not booted up since dry long term storage. May sell some or all of it but will try here before eBay. Here's a quick overview, informed and straightforward feedback much appreciated.
>>> Complete PDP-8/E, 8k core, full flip chip/board set (have list), good condition, long dry storage.
>>> Complete PDP-11/05, 8k core, full flip chip/board set (have list) good condition, long dry storage.
>>> DECScope VT-52, good condition nothing missing or damaged from long term storage.
>>> RX-01 dual floppy drive, good condition nothing missing or damaged, from long storage.
>> thanks for your help.
>> Roger in NY 
> Be aware people are telling him his system is probably worth about $1000.  I have seen other 8's go for more on Ebay but I don't recall which model.

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