LCD screen repair

Kevin Parker trash80 at
Tue Nov 17 18:56:55 CST 2020

Hi folks - be grateful for a little advice please.

Some time I rescued an Apple Power Mac G4 (it's a beautiful machine, not
that I'm a big Mac person, and I can't believe someone was going to toss it)
- powers up OK but looks like it just needs a new battery as its not holding
date and time.

Anyway the other day I was cleaning up in my collection facility and dropped
the monitor - I wasn't quick enough to save it from hitting a metal object
just under the bench and as chance would have it of course this happened
screen side. Its put a gouge in the surface of the screen - link to photos

Now I believe it is possibly repairable but the are many kits and methods
out the all claiming some success. I figure I'm only going to get one shot
at this so would appreciate any advice from anyone who may have effected
such a repair before.

Thank you.

Kevin Parker


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