FS: Tek scope, HP LA, and Electronic components!

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Sat Nov 21 15:23:26 CST 2020

Oh, man......  I am really sorry to hear that.  I think we have
corresponded before.

But, if you have insurance, I would encourage you to at least see a
Doctor somewhere.  I had a brother in law who got 2 years of pretty good
quality of life with Keytruda before succumbing to a blood infection (at
least we haven't heard it was COVID).

There was a time I would have killed for that LA (I have a couple of
1650's and a 1672), but I just don't have the need for bench space for
it. It's a shame, because you are so close to Madison (my mom grew up in
Hillsboro - a Hagenah - my grandfather was Dutch Hagenah (the current
Dutch, slightly younger than I am, was sometimes referred to as "little


On 11/21/2020 10:59 AM, Richard Pope via cctalk wrote:
> Hello all,
>     I forgot to put in that I live in Reedsburg, WI 53959 which is near
> the WI Dells. Sorry about that!
> GOD Bless and Thanks,
> rich!
> On 11/21/2020 4:29 AM, Richard Pope via cctalk wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>     I have probably developed cancer. I can't get in for treatment. I
>> have enough lumps in my body that it probably wouldn't make a
>> difference. So more than likely I am dying. I am asking for everyone's
>> help. I am selling off all of my processions and simplifying my life
>> before I die. I don't want to see this stuff end up in the landfill.
>> Please help out a dying old man?
>>     I have a Tektronix 465B Scope with four probes for sale. A HP
>> 16700A LA with 5 16555D LA cards and all of the cables. There is a
>> 16701B Expansion box and the interconnect cable. There is an external
>> SCSI drive box with a CD rom and a ST318417N drive in it. There are a
>> bunch of micro probes for the LA. A monitor, keyboard, mouse, manuals,
>> and CDs. I also have a very large collection of electronic components
>> in over 40 storage cabinets. There are also a lot of books on
>> electronics.
>>     I am asking $250 plus the shipping on the scope. This shipping
>> won't be cheap. $500 plus shipping for the LA. Again shipping will be
>> very expensive. It will take five boxes to ship the LA. I will deliver
>> the scope and/or LA to any where in the lower 48 for the cost of
>> shipping. $500 for the components, cabinets, and books. Shipping is
>> not possible. So it it have to be local pick up. Bring a truck and
>> trailer.
>>     PP F&F, Cashiers Check, or Postal Money Order. Please contact me
>> off list.
>> GOD Bless and Thanks,
>> rich!
>> Happy Thanksgiving!

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