Crypto Ancienne: TLS for the Internet of Old Things

Chris Hanson cmhanson at
Wed Nov 18 18:23:43 CST 2020

On Nov 18, 2020, at 4:16 PM, Cameron Kaiser via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
>> Another option for these systems is mbedTLS, originally by ARM. It only
>> requires C89,
> I looked at mbedTLS (formerly PolarSSL) before I even embarked on it based
> on other recommendations, but it claims to require c99:

Oh, bummer, maybe I'm just misremembering.

> Have you had success building it on other systems? What compilers could you
> get away with? I'd rather not reinvent the wheel but it seemed like I had to.

I was able to build its three component libraries just fine with CodeWarrior 7 on Mac OS 9 on my iMac G4. Same with libssh2. I never actually got to the point of testing it though, the iMac's PSU died. :(

>> At some point MacSSH may use it. Or maybe the current maintainer will try
>> cryanc. :)
> Didn't lsh get some updates? Or was I thinking of something else? ISTR that
> MacSSH used lsh under the hood.

It did, but it was also in the process of switching to libssh2, so Brendan switched that from OpenSSL to mbedTLS too:

In case anyone wants to contribute. (Alas I can't, for the usual reasons, but maybe someone can…)

  -- Chris

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