Regional accents and dialects (Was: The best hard drives??

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Nov 18 14:20:36 CST 2020

>> Most of us "merkens" haven't truly mastered one language.

On Wed, 18 Nov 2020, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
> I was very surprised to discover a couple of years ago that many in
> the USA pronounce "squirrel" as "skwerl". My surprise was subsequently
> pushed to its limits when I discovered that the 'L' in 'solder' has
> become silent and it is now commonly pronounced "sodder".

And the machines that Calcomp made (570, etc.) were called "plodders"

> But yesterday, I discovered that the 'L' in words such as "palm",
> "balm" and "psalm" is _no longer_ silent and is actively pronounced in
> some regions of the US, and mere surprise was no longer adequate and I
> was forced to resort to astonishment.

Nobody around here will use Worcestershire sauce, because they are 
afraid to even try to pronounce it.

For a while, I lived near "Bawlmer" (Baltimore)
(The most significant landmark is the B R O M O S E L T Z E R clock - what 
time is it when both hands are on 'O's?)
OB_ON_Topic: That was the origin of the Seequa Chameleon, the only 
computer [that I know of] to come with 3.25" drives (that Dysan had bet 
the company on.  As part of that "bet", for a very brief time, all of the 
most major software packages were available on 3.25" disks!)

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