WTB: AUI cables

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Tue Nov 17 20:49:15 CST 2020

When I expanded my network between floors in my own home, I dropped the
10Base$ stuff, moved to 10Base2 because I could drill a small hole with
long 1/4" drill bit, just above the toe molding and snake the RG58 cable
through it.  RG8 would have required a much larger hole.  Later, I used
the RG8 to pull the Cat5 cable.  I still have a pile of RG8 with BNC
fittings; have never been able to find a taker.

Interestingly, some years after the move to Cat5, I had some work done
on the outside of the house.  Not letting an opportunity slip by, I
drilled holes between the top and bottom plates of the floor and
inserted a piece of thick steel wire inside that extended into both the
first and second story wall pockets.  The idea was that I could *some
day* locate the steel wire, cut a hole for a receptacle box in the wall,
and use the steel wire to pull cable to the floor below.

Never got around to it.  Someday, someone remodeling this place is going
to find that wire and wonder what the heck it was all about.

FWIW, I'm still using a couple of Farallon 100BaseT network hubs on the
cable run.   Never have found a good reason to upgrade them--they're
housed in metal cases, after all.  Paid $5 each NOS back in the
day--someone had dumped them at the local E-waste recycler.

More and more of my gear uses WiFi now.  For those bits that aren't
Wifi-equipped, I use cheap TPLink Wifi repeaters to provide Cat5
connection to the WiFi.


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