Crypto Ancienne: TLS for the Internet of Old Things

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Tue Nov 17 20:00:21 CST 2020

> > If you have an older pre-C99 system, I've backported a TLS 1.2 library to
> > gcc versions as early as 2.5 as long as it has 64-bit ints (long long,
> > usually) and stdarg.h.
> > 
> >
> That looks interesting.  I'm sure I'll end up playing with that at some
> point.  I doubt that I personally have any practical use for such a
> thing, but that won't stop me from looking into it!  I've got a few
> systems that I can try it out on that aren't (yet) on the "supported" list.
> Thanks for sharing!

Currently my first priorities for porting are IRIX (it already compiles, it
just needs work) and then SunOS 4, and then we'll see. Maybe HP/UX next. I
have an '020 here I'd like to see how well it runs on.

I'd also like to roll it into some apps like Chimera and Mosaic-CK. 

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