TU58 dumps. Mostly VAX 11/750 AND 11/730 diags and console tapes.

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 01:34:53 CST 2020

I dumped almost 50 TU58 tapes. They were given to me by an ex DEC FS

Most of them are various 11/750 diagnostics. The tapes or not the official
DEC TU58 tapes but home brewed tapes used in FS so there might not be an
exact match to existing lists of official tapes. But they might be useful
I have seen diags for CI 750, DW750, RH750, DT07, Various Ethernet, UDA50,
TK50, DZ32, DMF32, DH11 and some more standard 11/750 MIC, DPM tests and
instruction tests.

Then there were some 11/730 tapes. Console and two diag tapes.

I collected everything in a google-drive-folder

This folder also contains some older dumps I have done. Both DECtape and
DECtape II. All dumps are aggregated into a document trying to give a hint
on what the dump contains. Beware that some dumps failed to read correctly
and are just partial. But it should hopefully be clear from the file size.



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