Microvax 3100 VMS 7.3 password reset

Adam Thornton athornton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 18:48:54 CST 2020

I for one was thrilled to see that there will be x86_64 hobbyist licenses for VMS.  I have an emulated VAX on a Raspberry Pi (I don’t know if my 11/730 works, but I doubt it—it’s nowhere near a 220V power supply and it’s not been much of a priority, and I have a VAXStation 3100 that doesn’t pass POST even with a freshly-burned ROM) running OpenVMS 7.3, and a real AlphaServer 800 running 8.4.

I mean obviously the NEXT thing to do is start bugging VSI for ARM support—given that the OS runs on VAX, Alpha, Itanic, and x86_64, how much really crucial and hard-to-port assembly can be left in it?—and given the way datacenters are trending, it might not even be a commercially stupid move.  I want to run VMS on my phone (or my next Mac).  Doesn’t everyone?


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