Seagate Elite "reverse surging" noise

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Sat Nov 14 11:37:16 CST 2020

On 11/14/20 11:09 AM, Richard Pope wrote:
> Jules,
>      That sounds like a spindle motor bearing that is going bad. Yes, it 
> will get worst and the motor will fail to spin up at one point. I wouldn't 
> use this drive for anything that is important. Remember these motors don't 
> have a lot of torque.

Thanks, Rich. I have a feeling that these drives have 14 platters, so the 
guts probably look quite impressive - perhaps I'll find something "non 
critical" to run it up until the point that it does fail, then swap the 
"good" one in and make a clear acrylic case for it so it can live on as a 
display piece.

(my brain still thinks of 1995 as "recent", but I suppose it was 25 years ago)


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