Microvax 3100 VMS 7.3 password reset

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 12 12:28:12 CST 2020

On 11/12/20 12:45 PM, Zane Healy wrote:
> On Nov 12, 2020, at 7:42 AM, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk 
> <cctalk at classiccmp.org <mailto:cctalk at classiccmp.org>> wrote:
>> FREEWARE60/VMSFAQ  Item 5.5.1
>> As an interesting aside, I was very surprised at how hard it was
>> to find this on the Web.  The notion that everything on the Internet
>> is preserved for posterity is really becoming silly.
> Up until 3 or so years ago, I took a break from running OpenVMS at home 
> (and only did the tiniest amount of VAX/VMS at work).  Between work, 
> kids, and photography, I just didn’t have time (technically I still 
> don’t, but I’m back to running a cluster, and one other VAX at home). 
>   When I got my main system back up, I was surprised how hard it is to 
> find anything VMS related on the Internet.  I still don’t have a good 
> idea as to what Archives of software are still available (stuff like the 
> site for DECwindows Freeware).
> Hopefully with the move to x86, we’ll see more people interested in OpenVMS.

Personally, I doubt that.

>> As another aside, it is rather interesting how many hits for VAX and
>> VMS I got that have nothing to do with what we think of as VAX and VMS.
> Vacuum cleaners and virtual machines?

And Virtual Messaging Systems and Volunteer Management System
and Vendor Management System and Video Management Software,
etc. etc. etc.


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