Way off topic: posting to the list using default Samsung Android Mail Client

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Wed Nov 11 10:49:48 CST 2020

> FWIW, I used to use K9 mail and liked it but it was crashing with a
> large number of folders and emails in folders.
> I switched to Blue mail and it's worked well

Funny you say this; I just finished setting up K9 for my CCtalk email as a test case. Your message was the first one to arrive I hit reply all and the program crashed on me. A second attempt allows me to reply but it is quoting the original mail below my reply even though I have the option set for the quote to be on top.

So far not impressed but I am using the latest BETA so I am going to switch to the last stable release from 2018 and see if it works any better.


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