Way off topic: posting to the list using default Samsung Android Mail Client

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Mon Nov 9 22:42:48 CST 2020


> A WILD guess as to PART of what's causing it, . . .
> It may be defaulting to HTML.
> Is there a setting for HTML/plain-text?  (if so, it might still not
> process plain-text properly; many "developers" consider it to be
> beneath
> them to include real plain-text support)

It does not.  I think it looks at the MIME type of message to decide what to
do. What it may have to do is when I try to top post. I.e. if I try to reply
under the quoted original message then this seems to happen. However, if I
type above the quoted message it does not happen.

> Is the mail client sending directly, or is it relaying it through
> something else?

It is sending directly through my SMTP server.


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