Systems Engineering Laboratories - SEL History

Eric Moore mooreericnyc at
Sun Nov 8 21:51:20 CST 2020

You are welcome! I have had a blast restoring and running my SEL 810A and
wanted to pull together some of what I had found, done, and helped with. It
is really just a placeholder for now until there is a critical mass of

The SEL 810 emulators are really awesome. Kgober's can run SEL 810A basic.
The SEL 810A gui I hope to soon improve, someone is helping me with an SVG
file of the front panel to replace the picture I am currently using.

I would like to someday acquire a 32/X or a powernode, but they are rare as
hens teeth apparently. I also would really like to find more info on the
ampex videofile.


On Sun, Nov 8, 2020, 21:02 Tony Aiuto <tony.aiuto at> wrote:

> Eric:
> Thanks for starting this. I've been doing little  updates to the SEL
> wikipedia pages recently, but a dedicated site would be great.  I used the
> machines heavily from 1977-1995, most of the 32/X series, as well as the
> NP1.  AFAIK, I was the first person to get C++ (cfront) working under
> UTX-32.
> Alas, I didn't save any literature from the period.

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