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Sun Nov 8 15:34:39 CST 2020

Al said
> On 11/6/20 12:11 PM, Tom Uban via cctalk wrote:
>> The ECL based logic was named "firebreather" for a reason. They were the
>> fastest thing at the time.
> If you look at the Gould advertising at the time, it was a picture of a
> fire-breathing dragon toasting a DEC salesman running away.

The ad must have worked. Although our uni was the first in Australia to provide 11/780's
for teaching and research, in later years third year comp sci was moved to a new Gould
PN6080, because they got a good deal. Everyone just called it "the Gould".

It's so hard to find a picture of this machine, a while ago I found an eBay ad for the
PowerNode series which was about all I have.


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