removing melting rubber from metal?

Dennis Grevenstein dennis.grevenstein at
Sun Nov 1 02:41:22 CST 2020

> The rubber feet melted.
>  I have no clue how it got that hot, or if they are just some composition for them to melt. My question is how do I clean this up?

It is probably not heat that melted the rubber. It’s likely degradation.
Some rubber parts get dry and break, some parts sort of „melt“ and
turn into this sticky, nasty glue.
You already got some hints on how to clean this, but if you are nervous,
you could start off with just isopropanol (that’s the main ingredient
in disinfectant). The advantage here would be that you can’t harm
plastic or electronics with that. You could use the common medical
grade disinfectant, just don’t drink it ;-)


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