Floppy disk: one drive per face

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Nov 5 14:10:15 CST 2020

On 11/5/20 11:31 AM, ben via cctalk wrote:

>> Inserting Side 2 in the definition table is not enough ....
>> Thanks Enrico - Pisa- Italy
> This local guy might know.
> http://www.ummr.altervista.org/
> A good view of computer history, from the land of pasta.
> Ben.

Don't know who that guy is, but I'm very well acquainted with the bozo
who wrote 22Disk.

On first blush, I'd declare the organization as ORDER EAGLE and use an
offset of 40 tracks+whatever is reserved on the other side.

See the SCH2 definition for example.

But that's just the shot-in-the dark opinion of this bozo.


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