Floppy disk: one drive per face

Enrico email.it enrico.lazzerini at email.it
Thu Nov 5 13:04:10 CST 2020

We are trying to read some floppy disk used on a 1981 Italian Z80 machine
with CP / M. 

The problem is that the firmware selects face A of the floppy as DRIVE A and
face B of the same floppy as Drive B. 

We saved an image with IMD and we know that the geometry of face A is IBM
3740 26x128x77 tracks. 

By inserting this data into the 22DISK definition file we can successfully
extract the CP / M files from A side. 

How should we configure 22disk to be able to do the same thing on the B side
of the same floppy disk? 

Inserting Side 2 in the definition table is not enough ....

Thanks Enrico - Pisa- Italy

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