removing melting rubber from metal?

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Sun Nov 1 07:43:08 CST 2020

At 12:14 PM 27/10/2020 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I have an EP-1 eprom programmer from BP Microsystems.
>The rubber feet melted.  It was in my closet.  I have no clue how it got
>that hot, or if they
>are just some composition for them to melt.
>My question is how do I clean this up?  Acetone, paint thinner?  I scraped
>off the feet, so there is
>just a few 'streams' of melted rubber down the sides, and a bit that
>somehow got inside (also on the side, not on the electronics).
>Just looking for some ideas before I start applying chemicals...

It's not heat. Just some rubber types degrade chemically over time. Cross links between the long
chain hydrocarbons break, and the solid turns to a semi-liquid. Very sticky liquid.

I presume the body of your eprom programmer is painted metal or plastic. So 'acetone and hot air' - NO!

The gunky stuff is not terribly soluble. Mineral turps on a tissue pad, rubbing, kind of works.
Mechanically scrape off what you can first. Use wooden or plastic spatula to avoid scratching paint.
The rub with the pad. Solvents like turps, acetone, IPA etc - always try a little on your surface first
to check the material isn't damaged by the solvent.


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