Bringing up MVME 197LE (88k)

Plamen Mihaylov plamenspam at
Tue Jun 30 16:36:08 CDT 2020

Even with a dead battery you should have seen console output. I would check
the serial cable, p2 adapter and 712 console port jumpers first.
You could try to boot directly from the eprom which holds the 197bbug(using
the DIP switches) in case the 197bug has been flashed with custom
firmware(never seen this, but who knows). You can remove the 297 expansion
card as 197 has its own memory soldered on the back-side.

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> Anyone have experience with the Moto 88k VME boards?  I have an MVME197LE
> that I’m trying to bring up but it’s staying in BRDFAIL, while SYSCON and
> RUN are green and pressing RESET appears to work.
> Nothing on console at all. (via a 712 transition module)
> Same behavior with the NVRAM removed.
> I do have the mezzanine card which has stayed affixed with an interesting
> inter-board connection.  (Is this separate-able?  Should it function
> without this DRAM?).
> I’ll dive deep into debugging this, but if anyone has some tips or
> experience they could share it would be appreciated!
> Thanks!
> -Ryan Brooks
> ryan at

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