A tool many of you may make find useful!

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Sun Jun 28 23:26:59 CDT 2020

On 6/27/2020 2:55 PM, Dave Dunfield via cctalk wrote:
>> Downloading http://dunfield.maknonsolutions.com/dos/sw/ddw2020.zip
>> gets flagged by Windows Defender on Windows 10 Pro (1909)
>> as "Worm:Win32/Spybot".
I tried to run this on wine, and the executables run.  However no luck 
with the editor, seems to hate the input.

Also no files would open.

Any possibility of the sources to build a linux version, or possibly one 
that would run on debian / ubuntu (my own choice)?

My nas is all at the base naming scheme compatible with unix, not 
windows, with attendant case insensitivity issues.

The tool sounds great, will have to see if it will work with any of my 
windows 10 systems which access the NAS.

> A new tool now available on the site:
> Daves Distribution File Checker
> I have received reports that  Windows Defenfer  incorrectly lables some of my
> executables as naughty.  I assure you this is not the case when published.
> They are freshly compiled from my own/known source code on a secure system.
> To help you know files are exactly as I uploaded then and not compromized in
> transit, I created this tool. It uses a proprietary/unpublished algorithm and
> multiple encrypted CRCs to validate that a file is exactly as I published it.
> The tool which makes the database will never be distributed in any way.
> You can check a complete .ZIP archive or individual files from it.  The archive
> does not have to be present for DDFC to check individual files, but you do have
> to specify it so DDFC knows which file to reference in it's database.
> This program and it's database are self protecting, but can't insure they don't
> get replaced by something that looks the same without providing the protection.
> To help avoid this, I will reload this file every time I update my site.
> Dave

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