Early 3M Computer Tape Type Numbers

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sun Jun 28 19:56:15 CDT 2020

Back in 1972, Billboard magazine published an interesting retrospective
on magnetic tape.

One of the more interesting articles states that Audio Devices laid
claim to the first computer tape in 1957:


Apparently there was a patent fight over Marvin Camras' tape patent,
with 3M losing the case in 1955.

I've processed quite a bit of 60's Audio Devices tape.  Good
stuff--generally very reliable even after more than 50 years.   One
problem with a lot of the old reels is that the paper manufacturer's
labels have long been lost, due to the adhesive drying out.  AD tapes of
the period are quite recognizable because legends like "AUDIO DEVICES
COMPUTER TAPE" are molded into the reel flange.


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