FW: RSTS/E has just had its 50th Birthday...

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From: Peter Dick <peter at balvine.com> 
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Subject: RSTS/E has just had its 50th Birthday...


Hi.  I stumbled on your wonderful PDP11.ORG website.

As I expect you know, RSTS was “born” on 11th June 1970 as shown when you print DATE$(1%) with Star Date format selected.

This means RSTS/E, the Greatest Operating System ever, has just turned 50 years old.

We would like to mark this historic moment by collecting a total of 50 memories from those of us who used RSTS/E at some time, obviously the earlier the better.  Or if you are still running old Basic Plus code, then the later the better!   I will then collate these memories and email them out to everyone who takes part. 

What memories?  It doesn’t matter.  Funny / technical / life changing / surprise / show how times have changed / whatever …

Length?  It doesn’t matter.  Your name will be included but not your email address unless you specifically want it included.

Please email contributions to 50years at silverware.co.uk <mailto:50years at silverware.co.uk> 


Peter Dick, ex Chairman DECUS UK RSTS SIG.

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