IDE-SD adapter question

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Sat Jun 27 13:56:41 CDT 2020

On 27/06/2020 16:34, W2HX via cctech wrote:
> I am not opposed to going to CF, but I have no other computers that have a CF port, thus I have no way to move files onto this 486 computer.

That well known auction site lists CF->PC Card, CF->SATA, CF->laptop 
40-pin IDE and CF->ATA adapters for pennies (well ~ £5/£6, but still cheap).

I even saw a CF->PCIe adapter in the same price range. There are also 
card readers that read CF (plus, usually, a host of other formats).

Interestingly (albeit off-topic) the HDD in my DECpc 425SE is 
(seemingly) dead and you've just reminded me that I have a CF->40-pin 
IDE adapter on hand. Thanks!


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