Restarting Old Amiga's

Zane Healy healyzh at
Fri Jun 26 16:42:54 CDT 2020

On Jun 26, 2020, at 12:53 PM, Doc Shipley via cctech <cctech at> wrote:
>  Even dead-dead-dead and stripped A3000 and A4000 boards are suddenly valuable for the slot hardware
>  That's also why empty cases are going so high.
> ObBragALittle:  I just got my "Floppy209" Rev6.2 A2000 PCB this week, and I am stoked.  I have an old 2000 that looks like it was stored on its side (the wrong side) when the battery went.  All the logic is good, except the CPU, but several of the card connectors are rotted underneath.  This PCB is a gift from the universe!
> ObWifeQuote:  Just looks like 4 square feet of expensive holes.

Fed-Ex was supposed to be delivering my parts from Wales today, I doubt that’s happening.  Even if I don’t get them, I’m planning to do the tear-down on my two A3000’s this weekend, due to the weather forecast.  The batteries don’t look that bad, I’m hoping the underside is okay.

I’ve been having fun with the A1200, and can’t wait to get the parts to add CF-to-IDE adapters to it and the A600.  I think my wife and kids think I’ve lost it.


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