A tool many of you may make find useful!

Dave Dunfield dave.dunfield at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 17:14:33 CDT 2020

Sorry, can't respond easily because I read the list on the web, can't deal
with the flood of email from it, and can't respond via the web interface.

>I'm not clear on what "duplicate" really means.  Perhaps you can clarify
>things for me.
>Duplicate in name and/or size?
>Duplicate in content?
>There are lots of duplicate file finders for Windows and some of them
>are quite sophisticated, being able to compare the content of files with
>different encodings and provide "almost the same" type of information.

Duplicate means exact duplicate size and contect, name does not matter.
(I copied lots of stuff around, sometimes renaming it and want to find
all the dups). Yeah, lots of nifty tools, but I needed one where I could
easily control what it looks and and process it's results (text files).
Also had to deal with VERY large sets of data (terabytes) and do it all
in a fairly reasonable time.

So I just wrote one. I'm a bit unusual that way - tend to write stuff that
does exactly what I need instead of trying to use something that sort of
comes close but often also does a lot I don't want.

>Downloading http://dunfield.maknonsolutions.com/dos/sw/ddw2020.zip
>gets flagged by Windows Defender on Windows 10 Pro (1909)
>as "Worm:Win32/Spybot".

Not for me, it's something I compiled from my own source myself, is packed
with UPX - maybe Windows Def doesn't like that but it raises no alarms on
the Win7 Pro system I'm testing on. Have no control of Windows Defender ..
just one of many reasons I don't use Windows much.  Not the first time good
clean code of my own has triggered false alarms.

FWIW, I just downloaded DDW2020.ZIP from the site, and it exactly matches
my original one. Contents also exactly match my original files, here is
a DIR listing:

 Directory of R:\DDW2020

2020-06-24  09:08 PM             3,255 DDW2020.TXT
2020-06-24  09:08 PM            23,584 DFF.EXE
2020-06-24  09:08 PM            23,584 EDT.EXE
2020-06-24  09:08 PM            31,907 EDT.TXT
2020-06-24  09:08 PM             6,688 FDF.EXE
2020-06-24  09:08 PM             9,760 VLT.EXE
               6 File(s)         98,778 bytes

Note, Windows did warn me that this file is not commonly downloaded and
wanted to "discard" it, but I used "Keep" - no defender or antivirus
alarms triggered.


PS: Noticed and fixed the spelling of "Download" - may need to reload to
see due to browser cache.
Personal site: http://dunfield.maknonsolutions.com

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