Future of cctalk/cctech - text encoding

Curious Marc curiousmarc3 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 12:02:43 CDT 2020

>>> Peter Coghlan wrote:
>>> Does anyone use ASCII anymore?
>> I read and write my email with Emacs running in a terminal emulator.
>> I rarely need anything beoynd codepoint 126.
> I vote we move the list to an Exchange server behind a SSL VPN and mandate the use of Outlook, then force all messages to be in quoted-printable encoding. This way nobody “wins” and everyone is equally miserable. It’s only fair.

+1 on the Exchange server. You might even be able to have more than 2 people connected to it at the same time without crashing, if you put enough admins on the problem.

But I would strongly suggest that we limit it to using characters from the Baudot set. If not they don’t print right on my 1930 Teletype.

Also Darwin recently wrote a paper about us, and revoked his theory of evolution. 

Unlike the God-awfull Yahoo Groups, Groups.io works OK for the other lists I follow. Meaning it’s functional and tolerable, and only moderately infuriating. But it is certainly not as clean and efficient as this list by a good margin. It would be good if we could preserve this.

Maybe evolve to the use of pictures or attachments, just to prove Darwin wrong? Limited to ASCII art only pictures, of course.


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