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Grant Taylor cctalk at gtaylor.tnetconsulting.net
Sat Jun 20 11:56:45 CDT 2020

On 6/19/20 9:42 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> We need, or at least want, to handle BOTH.


> Long-term, "permanent" content, as well as the casual "What is 
> this? here's what it looks like"

I think that short term can sort of ride the coat tales of the long term 

> I have no idea whether it is practical to handle those the same, or 
> differently.

What if the "short term" is the current URL to files that have been 
removed from emails (or uploaded directly).  Admittedly this would be 
somewhat subject to the current location of the archive.

Conversely the "long term" solution could simply be URL agnostic in that 
you go to the at the time current URL and navigate to the message you 
are looking for attachments to.  I'd like to see the ability to search 
by subject / date / sender / message ID / etc.

I think this method of long term solution makes the actual archive 
somewhat URL agnostic.  As in you get there, wherever there is, and then 
pick the file(s) you want.

With this type of long term solution, it doesn't really matter if the 
URL in the email breaks in the future.

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