Hercules SDLC/BSC interfacing project - want 3174-x1R

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 04:36:21 CDT 2020


I have been working on interfacing the Hercules emulator with various real
terminals for some time. First project was an Alfaskop terminal cluster
which I connected using a small STM32 controller handling BSC.

Next is an Informer 213, portable 3178/3174 compatible terminal. It it
using SDLC.

A friend has a 3178 and 3279 which would interesting to work with. A
3174-51R/-61R/-81R/-91R would be very suitable for this.

It would be very nice to test my BSC and SDLC code with the real IBM stuff.

I have put my project here:

Still very much Work In Progress.

If anyone has a type 1 3174 that does BSC and SDLC so I could test my stuff
I would be very interested. No need for fancy features like TCP/IP and/or
token ring.

I of course pay shipping. But can throw in various DEC QBUS stuff as a


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