Fixing an RK8E ....

Robert Armstrong bob at
Fri Jun 19 16:53:23 CDT 2020

>Josh Dersch <derschjo at>
> ....  one half-height (used upside down).

  Thanks, Josh - I hadn’t thought about using an extender card "backwards".  That's a good idea.  Next question is "how many extender cards do I have?"...  Better go start digging.

  In the meantime I did some more fooling around with the diagnostic and discovered that it's apparently not really a stuck command bit after all.  The tests are failing are #30 and #31, "VERIFY THAT RECALIBRATE INHIBITS LOAD COMMAND" and "VERIFY THAT RECALIBRATE INHIBITS LOAD DISK ADDRESS".  Sounds like a problem with the recalibrate function instead.


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