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Fri Jun 19 12:40:21 CDT 2020

On 19/06/2020 11:07, Peter Coghlan via cctalk wrote:
> I already tried extracting ZSDRIVER.EXE from the DECnet/OSI kit for 
> VAX/VMS 7.3
> and placing it in SYS$LOADABLE_IMAGES but ZSA0: remained stubbornly 
> offline
> until I installed the rest of DECnet/OSI and the LES$ACP_V30 process 
> started.
> I think I have an old CD containing a WANDD kit somewhere but I can't 
> seem to
> put a hand on it right now.  I probably put it in a "safe place" :-(

I think messing with the kits isn't likely to produce a working system. 
You need more than the driver to make everything work.

At the very least LES (Layered Environment Services) has to be available.

> These manuals mention the DSV11 and DST32 but there is no reference to 
> the
> DSH32 anywhere.  The installation guide says the device driver for the 
> DST32
> is ZSDRIVER.EXE so this seems to suggest that the DST32 and DSH32 are the
> same thing or at least very similar.  Maybe there was a difference of 
> opinion
> between the hardware people and the software people as to what it 
> should be
> called :-)

I've found some notes that suggest that the DST32 and DSH32 both use the 
same driver (ZSDRIVER, as you've found).

The other "busless" one was the DSW21/DSW41/DSW42.

I can't find a WANDD SPD either locally nor online, but (iirc) V1.2 was 
Phase IV and certainly ran on V5.5-2.

A bunch of stuff changed radically in V6.0 so if there was a Phase IV 
release for V6 then it would almost certainly have been post-V1.2.


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