PLATO V Terminal

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Jun 18 14:12:27 CDT 2020

On 6/18/20 4:18 AM, Tom Hunter via cctalk wrote:
> I have been "hunting" for a PLATO V terminal for some time. It was made by
> Regency - Carroll.
> If there is such a terminal gathering dust in a shed or garage and the
> owner would like to find a good home for it then please let me know.
> I have successfully restored a Control Data Corp IST-3 terminal and 721
> Viking terminal and have the skills, equipment and passion to restore the
> terminal to its former beauty and functionality.

So what does one do with a PLATO terminal?  I was acquainted only with
the PLATO IV terminal and, although I took a couple of CDC-mandated
courses on it (don't remember a thing), I mostly sneaked time to play

At one NCC, I remember asking the folks in the PLATO booth if they
minded if I checked out their setup.  Since there was virtually no one
around, I brought up AIRFIGHT.   Within 10 minutes, I had a crowd
straining for a peek.

That's now you sell hardware!


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