Future of classiccmp

jwest at classiccmp.org jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Jun 18 12:01:47 CDT 2020

The period of me making decisions about the list is coming to an end, but based on all the posts I just caught up with here's some thoughts:

I would be predisposed to handing it to someone that intends to continue the mailing list format. We already have a very active discord group (which works fantastic for posting pics with your posts), so I see little reason to move to a web based format for this list. Most of us are here cause we prefer the email format. Those who don't - use the discord server, those who like both - use both 😊

Picture attachments have been a shortcoming here, there's times when it would be really nice. There are also situations where its likely to be abused especially in the eyes of those who prefer the email format. I would suggest either allow pic posts but only if 1000% on-topic, and even better yet, only allow pics if the mailing list automatically stores them somewhere and only puts a link to the pic in the email. That way, the email stays text only, and users that want to see the pic can. Another approach is maybe 'if you need to post pics, do it on the discord'. One or the other, but the email list should stay a text email service IMHO.

I did not like the list splitting (cctalk/cctech) when it was done, and still don't. I have intended to rejoin the lists into one list for the past few years and just never got around to it. I will be asking whoever winds up getting the list to do the following tasks as part of the agreement: 1) Rejoin the lists, 2) completely straighten out the archives. Get all the missing stuff, make it all processed and stored in the same way (downloadable archives or text scannable online), and automated. I am embarrassed by how I have let the archives degenerate, but they are still fix-up-able. Whoever takes on the list needs to be prepared to do this as well.

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