Farewell Etaoin Shrdlu

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> https://archive.org/details/FarewellEtaoinShrdlu
>  28min documentary on the last ever edition of the NY Times to be
> printed using hot metal -- before they switched to what are now a
> quite choice assortment of late-'70s minicomputers. I think I spotted
> a PDP, a Data General and some IBM device, but I am no expert in this
> era.
> As a veteran reader of Fredric Brown, especially "the Enchanted
> Linotype", I have been using ETAOIN SHRDLU to win at Hangman for many
> years... but I'd never seen one working before. It all still seems
> like magic to me. I've worked in the magazine industry so I should
> know more about this stuff, but I never worked at the repro end of
> things...
I rescued a Linotype and gave it to Bob Roswell for his museum in Hunt
Valley, MD USA...should you ever be in the Washington/Baltimore area.
Syssrc.com is the URL and the museum is housed within their consulting and
training facility.

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