Future of cctalk/cctech

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Groups IO   is  nice  as  it  allows  image files too.A picture is  worth  a thousand  words! Ed# In a message dated 6/17/2020 2:58:30 AM US Mountain Standard Time, cctalk at classiccmp.org writes: 
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> > > > There is also groups.io, and it has some very nice features
> > > > compared to
> Please please, no groups of any kinds. They're all horrible to use. A genuine
> mailing list like this is infinitively easier to keep track of and read at leisure.
> Can't stand groups.io. Despise google groups (always overlaying everything
> with an insistent suggestion to translate.. hopeless to navigate if you've been
> away for a while..
> Yahoo, don't mention yahoo. They're all pure junk.

Well Yahoo is pretty much a pure mailing list now. They removed all the web stuff. The only downside is they also removed moderation.
I wonder what you don't like about "groups.io" Its pretty much a pure mailing list? 


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