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> > From time to time I behave like a normal human and, for example, zip
> > channels on my cable tv. Few years ago, while stopping at their "see
> > what we have on offer to you, prospective viewer" kind of channel, it
> > cracked open and I have seen the Workbench screen. Version 1.3 or 2.0,
> > if I am correct. Could be 2.0, so most probably Amiga 1200.

Looks like I mixed few things up. The Workbench was the ugly one, so I
would keep 2.0, but the Amiga for it would have to be A600 then.

Not that it really matters much.

> The shop had full-length windows at street level. This is not much use
> for a supermarket: the backs of shelves are not very interesting to
> look at, it's hard to get in there to replace marketing posters etc.,
> leaving it open wastes potential shelf space...
> So they filled it with big plasma flatscreens (quite new tech at the
> time). They could display animated advertising, special offers etc.

I would say that was cool.

> I was very surprised to see what looked like a _new_ Amiga deployment
> at that time -- end of the 1990s.
> But I guess it was good at its job, and probably required very little
> maintenance...

I guess so, too. Connecting Amiga to plasma was probably the least
hassle of all alternatives. PC would need something special (either
card or converter?), and a hard drive, and a big box, and separate
keyboard and reboot every four(ty) days - Amiga 500 could be just
"stuffed under the rug". And after loading a "demo" from a floppy,
there was no moving parts involved. It could just sit there and
display flying images for years.

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