Thinking of selling my PDP's

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Sat Jun 13 14:45:59 CDT 2020

It sounds interesting, especially the pdp-11, but I don't know how shipping
would work and it would be a long drive to try to pick up

On Mon, 25 May 2020 at 16:46, Charles via cctalk <cctalk at>

> I am getting closer to retirement (although not close enough) and I'm
> considering selling off my PDP stuff, especially if I downsize and move.
> Everything's working, but I just no longer DO anything with either
> system... the adventure was acquiring all the pieces, fixing them and
> learning the software :)
> Anyhow I have an 8/A with cloned Programmer's Panel (Vince Slyngstad and
> I made it around 2006) and limited function panel, 32K RAM board (also
> have core), Philipp Hachtmann's USB interface board, RX01 floppy, two
> RL02's, and a high-speed (optical) reel-to-reel paper tape reader. OS/8
> is up and running. Several spare RL02 packs. It's all in a tall DEC rack
> with an H-(something) power control box. The ASR-33 is not included, I'm
> keeping that.
> Also an 11/23+ (11/03 chassis) in a corporate cabinet with two RL02's, a
> 16-line serial interface, VT-220 terminal. Also an RQDX3 which is
> connected to a loose 3.5" TEAC floppy drive. Have RT-11XM, RT-11SJ and
> TSX-Plus 6.50 (all 16 timesharing ports are working too).
> So, I am wondering if there's any market for them (preferably as
> complete systems). Shipping would be difficult due to the size/weight
> (I'm in rural south central Missouri). I'm not looking to give them
> away, or to part out, but would entertain reasonable package deals
> rather than deal with the "LQQK! RARE!!" bull on ebay.
> I can send pics to interested parties. Let me know,
> thanks!
> Charles

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