TU58 dump tool on Linux? (Mattis Lind)

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Thu Jun 11 12:57:53 CDT 2020

> Is there anyone that has already built a tool to dump TU58-tapes on a Linux
> machine? I have the drive of course.
> There is PUTR. But it is DOS only and is written in assembler so it cannot
> be ported easily. The other option is running RT11 on a PDP-11, but then
> there is the hassle of getting the dumps off the RT11 file system.
> It is probably not too difficult to use relevant parts of the various TU58
> Unix implementations out there to do something quickly, but if someone has
> already done it, it would be great to not reinvent the wheel.
> I have approximately 80  11/730 and 11/750 console and diag tapes that
> need reading.

Just a thought - if the TU58 connects via serial, then what about running 
SIMH and giving it a serial device which is connected to the TU58? That 
could fix both problems - how to talk to the device, and how to deal with 
the data on the tapes.


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