Amiga Vendors?

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Thu Jun 11 02:51:47 CDT 2020

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> What I’m referring too is that in the US the Amiga hasn’t been a viable commercial platform for nearly 30 years.

I was using my A3000 every day through 1997, and only stopped because
I got a sweet deal on an A4000 in NZ and brought it home (I did have
to swap the PSU, but that went fine).

I'd say the Amiga really lost its shine around 20 years ago, about the
time Linux was getting serious and Windows 98 dominated the desktop.

> Looking back 20+ years ago, we really only had 3 or so main dealers supporting the Amiga market.

It was just over 25 years ago that I bought out the service department
of Earthrise Micro Systems, a large Commodore dealer in central Ohio,
as they were closing down.  Not too long before that, we had three
dealers locally, Earthrise and two smaller shops.  By 1995, they were
all gone, or at least stopped carrying any Amiga gear.


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