Restarting Old Amiga's

Ethan O'Toole ethan at
Wed Jun 10 10:32:59 CDT 2020

> use that instead - the T model looks a bit too much like a crazy mid-90's PC 
> for my tastes (although the SCSI's nice).

The 4000T has IDE! I have one of those CF card to IDE boards on a back 
expansion slot, allowing it to be removed.

> Thoughts on this, incidentally?
> It's just an empty case, not even a complete machine, which claims to have 
> sold. No PSU, no "middle" drive bay hardware. I wonder if a friend of the 
> seller "bought" it and it was just a trick to drive up prices or something - 
> $550 seems ridiculous for an empty box, but I don't "do" ebay and don't know 
> how crazy people are or what kind of scams go on.

That is crazy. To buy something to "mark to market" the price real high 
... you would still have to pay the crazy eBay fees.

There was a late model Adlib card in original box (not sealed) that went 
for $3900 that had people scratching their head. But who knows. I think a 
Nintendo game went for $300K. Some people have way more money than I for 
this hobby that's for sure :-) Pinball machines / arcades are the same.

 			- Ethan

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