Seiko Epson Robotics Controller Boards

Jonathan Katz jon at
Fri Jun 5 08:56:32 CDT 2020

Hi everyone!

My wife found some interesting VME-looking boards for sale on a surplus
auction website. This is what we scored. Is there any interest for these

1x Main CPU SKP-220-3
4x Sub CPU SKP-221-3 (2 look good, one has a battery that exploded all over
it, one labelled bad CMOS but had a bent pin.)
3x Servo SKP-222-3
1x IO Board SKP-184-2

I have no card cage, no documentation, and no way to test these. Some are
labelled that they tested good in 2008. I'll happily supply pictures for
those interested, but they're essentially 2U VME boards with MC68000 chips
and the main CPU has an MC68HC000 CPU.

They seem to fetch a fair sum on eBay, but just because they're listed at
these prices doesn't mean that they actually sell at that price:

+44 7792 149029

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