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Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at
Thu Jun 4 00:45:48 CDT 2020

Will, thanks for that link to Mac books.  My Inside MacIntosh books 
suffered water damage when had a flood in room they were stored and 
nice to have information as a pdf files.  Prefer actual books with my 
annotations, but now just use virtual Mac running under 
BasiliskII.  Judge how fast computers can become when, under 
BasiliskII run a virtual MacIIvx in which run a DOS emulation so can 
run a C64 emulation under DOS considerably faster than a physical C64.

Had an extensive collection of Byte magazines that unfortunately had 
to go.  Main thing I liked in Byte was Steve Ciarcia's column and 
still have all my Circuit Cellar magazines and bought a backup 
flashdrive with all Circuit cellar content from start.  Seems to be 
the way to go with magazines as much easier for me to find a 
particular Circuit Cellar article on the flash drive than trying to 
remember in which room/box that particular issue might be located.

Boris Gimbarzevsky

> > On June 3, 2020 at 2:22 PM John Herron via cctalk 
> <cctalk at> wrote:
> >
> > I'm not quickly finding it but weren't there some magazines 
> missing or hasit been decided all are scanned and it usable 
> quality? I see one list and 
> also has a collection butthey weren't in order in my browser.
> > >>>>
>The ones at are almost complete.  Some of the scans 
>are bad last time I checked (such as Oct 86 I think.) But that has 
>almost all of them.

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