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I'm not quickly finding it but weren't there some magazines missing or has
it been decided all are scanned and it usable quality? I see one list and also has a collection but
they weren't in order in my browser.

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> My  favorite BYTE   issue  had  the HP 150 on the  cover.  It  changed
> the  entire  direction of  a segment of my business.
> My very first issues  of BYTE and Kilobaud were  a  gift from Ray Morrison
> of  Ill. Bell Teletype  fame
> In today's world at the SMECC museum project  BYTE and KILOBAUD and
> other  serve  as a reference  source and  we  have bound  sets of  them
>  and  some   loose  ones that  are easier to put in a scanner . The  bound
> issues are  better  to   flip  through.  They are  also  great  to scan out
> of  and a certain amount of up sizing  can be  done  to imagery to be
> integrated into displays
> Ed#
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> > Do BYTE magazines have any collectability (maybe even from a historical
> > perspective or something else)?
> I know certain ones are sought after based on specific contributors or
> specific machines gracing the cover (Amiga, Apple, etc.)  I'd say
> "value" fluctuates wildly and is definitely subjective.
> In my personal case, I'm fond of the issues before the PC took over
> because I started reading it in the early 80s and even though I didn't
> have a CP/M machine, I still read those articles with fascination (I
> devoured the hardware articles by Steve Ciarcia and others and
> anything for the PET or could be adapted to the PET).  Specific ones,
> like the launch of the Amiga 3000 aside, I am not as interested in
> anything past the end of the 80s.
> Other people will have completely different opinions based on what
> content tickles them.
> Except for, say, the first few issues, it's not like they aren't
> somewhat abundant - issues were preserved by a lot of people.  I am on
> my second set because I lost most of my originals in a flood 25 years
> ago.  I did a rescue and was asked if I wanted 4 bankers boxes of
> Byte Magazines going back to the late 70s.  How could I resist.
> As mentioned, many of them have been digitized and I do reference the
> PDFs a lot, but I still like the paper and being able to flop open to
> an ad or schematic and leave it open for reference.
> > I have to make some decisions about space (the perennial problem for a
> > collector of course) and I have quite a few of these taking up a few
> > shelves.
> Sure.  That's always the challenge.  I wish I had a better place for
> mine, but I'll have to rearrange a few things first.
> -ethan

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