MS-DOS 2.11

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Thu Jul 30 13:41:54 CDT 2020

>From: Fred Cisin <cisin at>
>Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 2:35 PM
>BTW, A "1.2MB" drive is fully capable of reading/writing the Otrona disks
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I have legal copies of several format translation programs, including Media Master and Convert, but they are 16-bit MS-DOS programs and will not run on my Windows 10 Pro computer. I have Windows XP and MS-DOS 6.22 running in VMs under VirtualBox, but I cannot get the VMs to recognize my 1.2 MB drive (a Mitsumi D509V3) as a 1.2 MB drive -- the VMs seem to think it is a 3.5" 1.44MB drive, so the drive is not readable in the VM and the translation programs run but don't work. Also, the BIOS does not have support for any 5.25" floppy capacity other than 1.2MB. If I try to read 360KB floppies, I get a failure message with the comment that the floppies are most likely unformatted.

It looks like I will have to break down and get a real 386 or 486 PC so I can use a real 360KB floppy drive and run MS-DOS directly.


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