paper tape archiving

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Wed Jul 29 20:29:09 CDT 2020

If the origin is unknown, just keep them as binary. My Nicolet is 20 bit with binary data having the MSB 0 and the third 8 bits only 6 bits of data. It is not something that makes sense to change the format.
It is only worth looking for obvious ASCII or such.

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Hi all.
I was wondering if there are any good online resources on reading for the
purpose of archiving 8-bit papertapes of unknown origin.  I have been
reading tapes as text and also as binary, 8/n/1 thinking that's going to
capture everything.  I load into a hex editor, and if necessary convert to

I am wondering if there any persons who have a systematic process they'd
like to share for this kind of work. I will share the tapes I have with the
community, but there is no point if I am not doing it right.


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