OpenVMS Community License

Kevin Lee 821 at
Wed Jul 29 09:42:45 CDT 2020

The current rights holders of VMS seem to be going in the right direction with 
Hobby freebies and reasonable friendly access to the OS..    I guess they had 
Better curate the local VMS gurus as there are not a lot of them left on the planet.


openVMS forever.. can’t wait for a dell cluster of VMS machines :) 

Weird world. 

> On 29 Jul 2020, at 16:37, geneb via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Jul 2020, Michael Kerpan via cctalk wrote:
>> or some simulation thereof. If they DID decide that they cared, they'd be
>> within their right to go nuclear, but the odds of that happening are
>> exceedingly low.
> The bad PR they'd attract by running down a bunch of poor hobbyists wouldn't be worth the blowback I think.
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