TRS 80 Model 12 Picked up

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Jul 29 00:18:17 CDT 2020

The model 12 was a replacement for the Model 2.
The 12 is smaller and lighter.   Half-height drives, keyboard and video 
connected to a board in a slot.  Expansion chassis was available.

It could run Model 2 TRS-DOS.
It could run CP/M (if you can find the right boot disk!)
I don't know whether there were other vendors of CP/M for it esides 
Pickles And Trout

The BASIC for it was RAM based, so required the OS disk to load it.

It could be upgraded to a Model 16B

The model TRS-80 16/16B was similar, but added a 68000 co-processor.
It could run CP/M, Model 2 TRS-DOS, or Xenix.
It became the Tandy 6000, with a number of changes, including dumping the 

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