chaos and the LGP-30

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>>> On July 27, 2020 at 6:44 AM Bill Degnan via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:> Does the code listing exist on the web?Bill>I'm not aware of the code being available anywhere, but I haven't really looked. I did find one paper by Lorenz where he describes his weather forecasting simulations. I can find it again and send a link if anyone wants.
> Here is the link to the paper.  "the Nature and Theory of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere"
> It's 10 MB and 180+ pages.
This is more like a research monograph that was published later. The 
original paper is

Edward N. Lorenz, "Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow",  Journal of The 
Atmospheric Sciences,
Vol. 20, March 1963, pp. 130-141.

It is at multiple locations in the web. One source is:

At Cornell I took John Guckenheimer's and Steve Strogatz's courses, in 
addition to the more EE-focused nonlinear systems course taught by 
Hsiao-Dong Chiang.  Really beautiful stuff.


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