Broken VT510

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Sat Jul 25 13:36:06 CDT 2020

I recently brought home a VT510 that has been sitting in my office, rescued from a lab from way back when it was a DEC office (ZKO).  Unfortunately, when I plug it in and push the power switch, nothing happens.

Rather than just open it up and poke, I was hoping others here might have some experience with that model.  Are the schematics anywhere?  Not on Bitsavers as far as I can see.  Are other terminals at all similar?  The newest schematic I see is for the VT340.

It would be nice to get the terminal working again.  Alternatively, a wild idea would be to use the CRT in place of the "screen fungus" infested VR201 CRT I would like to repair.  Any chance of that working?


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